Welcome 2017


FINALLY 2016 has come to an end…it was definitely a rocky year.  Brad was laid off at the beginning of the year and so back to San Antonio we went to try and get the photography off the ground.  I tried a couple work from home programs…It Works and Essential Oils. Where I love the products…Photography is my passion and I was spreading myself too thin.  We did a lot of time at the local parks scoping out locations and enjoying the beauty that lies within our big beautiful city.  We tried out a few different RV parks, finally found one that is home,  We had massive up and down times in our relationship alone and everything else simply couldn’t fully come together as a result.  I finally had enough and left and in my time away I visited people that I thought would help.  Some made it worse others helped more than I realized that they could with a few words said and triggered memories and ah ha moments no biased opinions.  I went to the wrong part of the country altogether knowing pine trees  and I do not agree and ended up extremely sick.  Fortunately not long after leaving and coming back home where I belonged I got better.  Finally my husband and I got on the same page and with that everything else started to fall more into place.  By the end of 2016 life was really coming together when in a weeks time my great aunt Leona and Brads mom Dorene passed away then it seems like after that Hollywood has been dying off left and right clean up until hours before midnight.  At midnight last night we enjoyed the massive explosions and beauty of fireworks.  Yet at the same time worried about peoples pets and hoping they remembered to lock their furbabies up for their safety as well as our war vets…wondering does all these type of sounds bring flashbacks??  The things that can go thru this Gemini girls head all at once I tell ya!


So today is January 1st 2017 that was simply a fast recap as I haven’t blogged most of 2016 due to well lack of desire as it seemed like one big struggle after another.  I mean yes Brad got a job half way thru the year, business had a major halt by summer but picked back up in the end, my oldest daughter got married, my youngest daughter finally has a boyfriend that she is head over heels with and making plans to begin her travels soon to see places, both boys are in a school they love, Benjamin is pretty involved with ROTC, we have a wonderful place to call home.  But all the positives got buried in all the stress and grief to get to where we finally are today.  This year I am making it an effort to blog every day!!  I plan to do this by using facebooks daily on this day app so of course I can only go so far back and the rest if I remember will have to fill it in… events over the years.


People who wonder if the glass is half full or half empty are totally missing the point…its refillable!!  When I think back over the years especially the last 6 years of my life I have seen this time and time again.  I don’t see this as looking in the rearview mirror but rather seeing how far I’ve come and all the beauty and yes even sadness and how it all connects like a puzzle when the time is right.

Back in 2009 I was rather excited that Jason Aldean had song of the year with She’s Country.


Loved seeing that Dick Clark is at time square! Brought back childhood memories. I hear fireworks outside and for the first yr ever all my kids have made it to midnight and well Happy 2010!!!!! This is the year we also went on a serious hunt for stud dog for Paige and making a trip to New York to bring Zander into our home and thus puppy breeding began. I was cherishing all of the good memories of 2010 but leaving all the sadness and disappointments behind and embracing everything that is in store for me in 2011! 2010 Carl was dx with cancer that rocked our lives to its very core.


new year clean slate lets start it right 🙂 Stay positive in all that you do even if at the moment things don’t go as you expected….EVERYTHING has a reason for happening to lead to the next steps in your path. Case in point had Carl never gotten cancer he would probably have stayed at a job he hated as he would have rather been working with his horses therefore since he made enough money to support the family I never would have lived out my dream of fully starting the business. So where it has been stressful things are leveling out. Not sure where life goes from here but all we can do is put one step in front of the other knowing that no matter what everything will work out as it should! Still can’t do the black eye peas thing no matter how much tradition says they bring good luck to the new year! No good ole southern traditional dinner for us today just keeping things simple seems to be the motto as of late.


sadly  2012 taught harder lessons… but he will always be a part of who I am just never imagined my physical life w/o the most amazing man ever.


2013 was spent in hotel room and a broken down vehicle but with so much new amazing in my life I never thought possible after so much heartache.


2014 Hitched and headed West to Midland then on to Carlsbad NM Happy New Year y’all … be back home soon San Antonio only we didn’t realize just how soon…figured at least a few months but we were barely gone a month when layoff struck.


Start 2016 with a new look on life. Begin a new chapter with a purpose. Find the drive to achieve blessings in the future. And let go of the past regrets that are holding you back. Find your true meaning of why you’re here and what is driving you to become a Great Person.!!

Look ahead at your future… It holds the key to some amazing things!

☆ Live Your Best Life Now ☆


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