Welcome 2017


FINALLY 2016 has come to an end…it was definitely a rocky year.  Brad was laid off at the beginning of the year and so back to San Antonio we went to try and get the photography off the ground.  I tried a couple work from home programs…It Works and Essential Oils. Where I love the products…Photography is my passion and I was spreading myself too thin.  We did a lot of time at the local parks scoping out locations and enjoying the beauty that lies within our big beautiful city.  We tried out a few different RV parks, finally found one that is home,  We had massive up and down times in our relationship alone and everything else simply couldn’t fully come together as a result.  I finally had enough and left and in my time away I visited people that I thought would help.  Some made it worse others helped more than I realized that they could with a few words said and triggered memories and ah ha moments no biased opinions.  I went to the wrong part of the country altogether knowing pine trees  and I do not agree and ended up extremely sick.  Fortunately not long after leaving and coming back home where I belonged I got better.  Finally my husband and I got on the same page and with that everything else started to fall more into place.  By the end of 2016 life was really coming together when in a weeks time my great aunt Leona and Brads mom Dorene passed away then it seems like after that Hollywood has been dying off left and right clean up until hours before midnight.  At midnight last night we enjoyed the massive explosions and beauty of fireworks.  Yet at the same time worried about peoples pets and hoping they remembered to lock their furbabies up for their safety as well as our war vets…wondering does all these type of sounds bring flashbacks??  The things that can go thru this Gemini girls head all at once I tell ya!


So today is January 1st 2017 that was simply a fast recap as I haven’t blogged most of 2016 due to well lack of desire as it seemed like one big struggle after another.  I mean yes Brad got a job half way thru the year, business had a major halt by summer but picked back up in the end, my oldest daughter got married, my youngest daughter finally has a boyfriend that she is head over heels with and making plans to begin her travels soon to see places, both boys are in a school they love, Benjamin is pretty involved with ROTC, we have a wonderful place to call home.  But all the positives got buried in all the stress and grief to get to where we finally are today.  This year I am making it an effort to blog every day!!  I plan to do this by using facebooks daily on this day app so of course I can only go so far back and the rest if I remember will have to fill it in… events over the years.


People who wonder if the glass is half full or half empty are totally missing the point…its refillable!!  When I think back over the years especially the last 6 years of my life I have seen this time and time again.  I don’t see this as looking in the rearview mirror but rather seeing how far I’ve come and all the beauty and yes even sadness and how it all connects like a puzzle when the time is right.

Back in 2009 I was rather excited that Jason Aldean had song of the year with She’s Country.


Loved seeing that Dick Clark is at time square! Brought back childhood memories. I hear fireworks outside and for the first yr ever all my kids have made it to midnight and well Happy 2010!!!!! This is the year we also went on a serious hunt for stud dog for Paige and making a trip to New York to bring Zander into our home and thus puppy breeding began. I was cherishing all of the good memories of 2010 but leaving all the sadness and disappointments behind and embracing everything that is in store for me in 2011! 2010 Carl was dx with cancer that rocked our lives to its very core.


new year clean slate lets start it right 🙂 Stay positive in all that you do even if at the moment things don’t go as you expected….EVERYTHING has a reason for happening to lead to the next steps in your path. Case in point had Carl never gotten cancer he would probably have stayed at a job he hated as he would have rather been working with his horses therefore since he made enough money to support the family I never would have lived out my dream of fully starting the business. So where it has been stressful things are leveling out. Not sure where life goes from here but all we can do is put one step in front of the other knowing that no matter what everything will work out as it should! Still can’t do the black eye peas thing no matter how much tradition says they bring good luck to the new year! No good ole southern traditional dinner for us today just keeping things simple seems to be the motto as of late.


sadly  2012 taught harder lessons… but he will always be a part of who I am just never imagined my physical life w/o the most amazing man ever.


2013 was spent in hotel room and a broken down vehicle but with so much new amazing in my life I never thought possible after so much heartache.


2014 Hitched and headed West to Midland then on to Carlsbad NM Happy New Year y’all … be back home soon San Antonio only we didn’t realize just how soon…figured at least a few months but we were barely gone a month when layoff struck.


Start 2016 with a new look on life. Begin a new chapter with a purpose. Find the drive to achieve blessings in the future. And let go of the past regrets that are holding you back. Find your true meaning of why you’re here and what is driving you to become a Great Person.!!

Look ahead at your future… It holds the key to some amazing things!

☆ Live Your Best Life Now ☆


Burnt Toast

I don’t even recall where I came across this in passing but I posted it on Facebook

and I am blown away how it has taken off like wildfire so posting it here

for everyone that may not be on FB.

His Mom Served Burnt toast , but he was shocked when his Dad said this:


“When I was about eight or nine, my mom burnt some toast .
One night that stood out in my mind is when she had made dinner for us after a very long and rough day at work, She placed a plate of jam and extremely burned toast in front of my dad. Not slightly burnt but completely blackened toast.
I was just waiting to see if anyone noticed the burnt toast and would say anything. But Dad just ate his toast and asked me if I did my homework and how my day was. I don’t remember what I told him that night, but I do remember hearing my mom apologizing to dad for burning the toast. And I’ll never forget what he said:
“Sweetie, I love burned toast.”
Later that night, I went to tell my dad good night and ask him if he really liked his toast burned. He put his arm on my shoulder and said,
“Your momma put in a very long day at work today and she was very tired. And besides, A burnt toast never hurts anyone but you know what does? Harsh words!”
The he continued to say “You know, life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people I’m not the best at hardly anything, and I forget birthdays and anniversaries just like every other human. What I’ve learned over the years, is that learning to accept each others faults and choosing to celebrate each other’s differences, is one of the most important keys for creating a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship. Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right and have compassion for the ones who don’t.”
Enjoy Life Now.

Realities of Grief


I use this photo because I think it resonates so well with me how I feel about grief.  I love this photo yet I don’t. It’s a cool fall morning meaning days are getting shorter and colder. I love the summers warmth yet look at all this beauty despite the temps are dropping.

One of the strange but true realities with grief — in fact with life — is that two seemingly opposing feelings can be true simultaneously.  So, you can be heartbroken and grateful, crushed and full of love all at the same time.  This can be confusing and even exhausting at times.  But know that the heart is expansive and can accommodate two realities . . . both are true.

Like a suitcase


Grieving is something like carrying a suitcase.  It is always with you now . . . sometimes it seems like it is filled with bricks, so heavy that you can barely carry it.  It weighs you down.  And other times, the suitcase is light, filled with feathers.  On these days, the grief doesn’t feel like a burden.  When the case is heavy, know that feather days will come.

Peanut Butter and Banana Wraps


This is a super easy peasy quick snack or lunch or whatever you decide to use it for and the kids will love you!!

Flour Tortilla that I spread peanut butter over. Sliced up some banana placed on top of the peanut butter sprinkled some mini chocolate chips drizzled a touch of honey rolled it up and placed along side the boys lunch today. They loved it and asked if I would make it again 🙂

Score for this mama and it was simple quick cheap and I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand so no driving to town was required.

Rozet Wyoming


Crossing the tracks there is almost always a coal train

setting ready to transport.

So this little quiet town is on the way to see Devils Tower

the nation’s first National Monument.


Now typically we stay in the town in which hubbys work is based out of

but that town is an hour away and pretty much nothing there

so the crew like many companies stay in nearby town of Gillette.

But learning a few weeks ago that my allergies to pine has heightened

the past couple years and in  general cause me asthmatic like attacks

We ended up seeking a place middle of nowhere without pine trees

no easy task when in the northern regions of the US

First off there isn’t a decent rv park in town so trust me when I say its worth the

15 extra mile drive to Rozet WY.I will go more in depth of the available

RV parks in town in another blog.

Rozet was Founded in the 1890s, it was likely named for local populations of wild roses

That is all I can find so far on how this small town came to be.

Must be wrong time of year for the roses since it is late August.

But all that is really here is:

A school, a post office, bar/cafe, and a gentlemans club…and peace and quiet!

soooo when you forget to gas up while in town hopefully

you have enough to get back because of all things there is no gas pump!

SMP_2334 SMP_2341 SMP_2346 SMP_2347

Some of our neighbors in Wyoming


Gorgeous Wyoming sunset

July Vacation


This “vacation” has no words. Nothing…zero…zilch has gone according to plan and now folks u know why I don’t plan ahead and just go with the flow!

Less stress that way

So we had plans to go to Colorado chill, fish, get away from day to day stresses

I had reservations at an rv park in Grand Junction

We were going to do paperwork for land in another town

along the way to start putting down roots in the next few coming years


Right before we left ac went out…its too hot here in NM for sure to be w/o that

so hubby is still turning wrenches to fix that. He had already changed out

spark plugs, oil change and a couple other things to keep up on basic

maintenance needs. AC is replaced only to discover there

is a broken vacuum line somewhere forget it lets just go

places we planned to be were up higher in the mountains anyhow.

Roll down the windows for a lil old fashioned hair messing up 360 fresh air ac

Make it as far as Roswell only to find we were about to have

a blowout on the trailer.

Get that changed and back on the road.

Now one would think by this point we would say lets just

do a staycation…but no we had plans lets push forward

The truck really was struggling doing small hills

we blamed the heat decided by Las Vegas

(ha before you get excited…NM)

we call it a night and check into a hotel

swim soak in an incredibly hot hot tub was nice to unwind

Decide maybe we should find a Discount Tire or something

see if maybe they could help us….as the service engine light is blinking but

it was in another town 80 miles up the road

Oh wait there is an Auto Zone lets have them put it on the computer

it says we have a bad sparkplug how can that be we just replaced them

Okay well buy a new one replace it and get back on road

little further up the road issues again.

So we were like okay lets just get over Raton pass to

Trinidad and check into it…

HAHAHAHAHAHA joke was on us yet again.

Keep in mind we did worse passes coming south from Oregon

than that pass and the poor truck could not do it

so we found a place finally after struggling to get up the first

half she just couldn’t muster the 2nd section with a load

so we ended up going in reverse on the shoulder til we got back to the turn

spot to get on the other side of the barrier

Ate lunch found a KOA in Raton NM to store the trailer

we were still wanting to carry thru with our vacation.

Hit up Auto Zone again for another reading

Turned out we had yet another bad spark plug this time a different one

so we figure we must have a computer issue going on

We have Good Sam so we will push forward leaving behind our home til

trip back

After stopping a couple more times we finally made destination

only for hotels along the way to this point costing us avg $130/night

when prior to starting out we hadn’t planned on spending so much we are

already way more

than we would have for our entire week at an rv park 😦

We ended up going to a shop have them look at the truck

bad sad news my expy baby the one spark plug that kept coming up

bad had a blown cylinder due to that first faulty spark plug. Engine

is strong they say but until wrenches are turned they won’t know if

just in the top end or what so suggested a new engine.

We decided at this point turn back around and head to

the little small town of Raton.NM

Kinda sad our plans needed to change but with this news

we know we can’t keep up with hotel fees and feed a crew of 5

and still enjoy our time so it is what it is and go back.

The KOA was actually a friendly spacious park

Its where we ended up spending 4th of July and discovering

the area and finding some beautiful sites

so in the end just a reminder of go with it see what happens.

We went to a state park and drove as far as you can

and then decided what the heck lets hike the trail back…we ended up crossing over

into Colorado lol but oh my the site to see once you get to the top and

around the bend so worth it

We still had fishing, gorgeous views, watched fireworks above the town

I even managed to get a few decent shots this year

still need to work on those kind of shots so maybe again next year!

Photos of our trip 🙂


Paige found some “perfume” and was rather pleased with herself

11009344_932700346776971_1074403099953723512_n 11013023_932699790110360_8331693809451002049_n 11063592_932699776777028_7787486237996695081_n 11168489_932699813443691_9209992014208263688_n 11201939_932699840110355_220696242340293386_n 11659445_932700156776990_4427712317524243119_n 11665386_932700213443651_38558244663309057_n


As gorgeous as the view I was beginning to feel much like the old

saying couldn’t see the forest for the trees hindsight I can now

11694082_932699973443675_7657742434338101265_n 11694888_932699913443681_3042729564744753733_n 11695804_932699890110350_7255026153905780994_n 11703048_932700270110312_5996210429997934496_n 11703094_932700040110335_4810051854531366581_n 11704935_932699940110345_6485972323811748633_n



Fawn still had its spots!!

SMP_1719 SMP_1756 SMP_1759 SMP_2069 SMP_2113 SMP_2186


SMP_2292 SMP_2294

Benjamin was told if he caught fish he could eat it since we had the grill

but to bring aluminum foil so not to cook directly on the grill.

Courtesy of his pregnancy to this day I still can’t eat or smell

fish without getting really sick. Had a happy boy

SMP_2301 SMP_2306 SMP_2308 SMP_2310

SMP_2314 SMP_2316

SMP_2318 SMP_2321