Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma


Happy birthday to my grandma in heaven. This is her 16th bday gone but I miss her so much. Until I was 12 and we left Texas she was a very big part of my life. Lol I remember she always said shoot fire and one day she was looking in the fridge and said shit fire. I said uhmm I’m telling my mama she cussed she said go right on ahead because she was my mama’s mama. She always had strawberry and mint chip bluebell icecream on her freezer, smell of coffee every morning, painted her poodles nails and bows on their ears, put on her face everyday and when I asked where we were going she would say nowhere…I asked why she put her makeup on then she said it was because it made her feel good. That was food enough for me. I walked around in her heels, she use to paint my nails but never red because I had to be older…to this day my fav color is red because that’s what she always wore.


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